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June 7, 2005
World Swim Titles ‘05 - Hackett's warning for druggies
By Amy Harris
Grant Hackett takes his position on drugs so seriously he would report another athlete if he found they were using performance-enhancing substances. Even athletes on his own team. Elected Australia's first-ever swimming team captain this year, Hackett insists he will reveal the names of any cheats that cross his path.
"Definitely. I am a dobber, " said Hackett. "If I saw it I wouldn't be able to help myself. I would ask advice on how to go about it but I would definitely dob someone in if I saw them cheating."
"Even more so if they are Australian. I take pride in the fact that I am the captain of the Australian swim team. We have a reputation as being one of the cleanest nations in the world. I have always made it public how anti-drugs I am. I don't see why members of my team should be any different to a swimmer from any other country. I couldn't not dob them in because I hate cheaters."
Unbeaten in the 1500m freestyle since 1997, Hackett has always made his contempt for drug cheats public.
The Gold Coaster, who is also juggling a part-time international business degree at Bond University, has even flagged an interest in taking up the campaign as a member of the International Olympic Committee once he retires.
Currently preparing for a six-event schedule at next month's Montreal world titles, the 24-year-old described the current drugs in sport situation as "almost out of control".
He pointed to last year's BALCO steroid scandal in the United States – in which the US Anti-Doping Agency netted a gang of athletics cheats and implicated Olympians Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery - as a high point in the war on doping.
"The thing I liked about it was the fact that the testers didn't tell the athletes what they were testing for. It was sneaky, which is how it has to be done."
But the latest reports of high-tech doping and even genetic engineering is almost enough to turn Australia's greatest-ever 1500m swimmer off the sport.
"(Gene therapy) is something that shows just how out of control drugs in sport is becoming. It almost makes me not want to be involved in the sport anymore,"" Hackett said.
"The cheaters are ahead of the testers. And that's something that I would like to see reversed. I don't know how. I wish I did. If I knew I would be saying it and getting it out there as much as I could."


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